How to fill PakCan Sports Products

Why is the right filling material important?

The material used for the training product influences your experience is determined by the type of training you intend to do. A product that is filled too tightly with heavier material will make it harder to hit and similarly a product too loosely filled with lightweight material will be easier to hit.

Types of filling material

There are three key material that may be used to fill your new PakCan Sports product.

  • Old Clothes/Rags
  • Sawdust filling
  • Sand filling

Filling for Lightweight PakCan Product

For a lightweight product, old clothes, rags, foam, etc. may be used. These items will give the product a lighter density and make them softer to train with. The products should be filled layer by layer, with each layer being followed by appropriate compaction. The material should not be too tightly or too loosely packed.

Filling for a Heavy PakCan Product

For a heavier product, such as a heavy punching bag, finer fillings such as sand and sawdust should be utilized in addition to the old clothing. Filling a punching bag or dummy with finer fillings alone will result in a product that is too heavy, too hard, and may cause cracks in the product. Old clothing layered with finer filling results in an optimum workout experience.

Step-by-Step on how to fill the PakCan Product

1. Choose your filling
Choose your filling according to your requirements as listed above. For lightweight products, use old clothing and rags, and for heavyweight products, add layers of sand or sawdust.
2. Prepare the material for filling
For old clothing, make sure you have removed metal attachments such as buttons and clips to prevent injury during your workout.
For sand and sawdust, ideally wrap them in bags such as sandwich bags before adding into the layer in the punching bag, to prevent leakage as well as to aid in layering and distribution of the denser material. Ideally, weigh the filling prior to use to ensure your targeted weight is met. Adjust the weight by exchanging the old clothing for sand/sawdust as required.
3. Filling the product
PakCan products should be filled in layers, where each layer is compressed as required, to maintain consistency for the ideal workout training partner. If layering with sand/sawdust, ensure it is equally distributed in the layer, with shredded rags/old clothing towards the outside of the layer. 
At the end of each layer, use a tool, such as a baseball bat, to compress the product as required. If using sand/sawdust, you do not necessarily need to add sand in every layer. You should add as required to meet your ideal product weight.
For questions/queries related to filling your newest PakCan product, Contact Us.